Tackling a breakout for mature skin

Published January 24, 2014 by tracysmirror

Yes we older ladies do on occasion have a breakout. Unfortunately for me that’s right now. 45 years old and still getting the teenage pimples, not fair really after years of dealing with them. On the plus side it’s rare for me now and I do have a very good way of minimizing the time the dreaded eruptions make an appearance! As if we don’t have enough to cope with. Anyway, this is my tried and tested method of decreasing the time and damage those dreaded little eruptions cause. As a side note, I will soon be providing video tutorials to go along with written instruction on my methods.

First things first. Remove any and all makeup with a cleanser. I really don’t like the cream cleansers that wipe off as they never seem to truly do the job 100%. I prefer to wash my face, although never ever with ordinary soap. Oh no no no, that’s the worst thing us women can do for our delicate facial skin! Instead use a good quality cleansing lotion. I say good quality because if you use a cheap brand you will find that your skin is tight and dry. That’s really defeating the object of not using soap now isn’t it? Also I find using a mid range cleanser actually ends up paying for itself as you use less, your face is softer and in turn healthier. I would recommend either a wash off cleanser by Simple,a British company that is new to the States and can be found at any Walgreens store. Or if not another drug store favorite of mine is Yes to Carrots. I found this at Walgreens a few months ago and love it. It comes in several flavors, depending on your skin type/personal preference. Use sparingly and rinse with tepid water. This is important as hot water is far too harsh on the skin.

The next Step is to apply a face mask, I adore Queen Helene’s olive mask. It’s rich and creamy and doesn’t dry to the point were you have to scrub it off with a Brillo pad. I apply all over the face, excluding the delicate eye are and leave to sit for 20 minutes. After that rinse and rub the skin gently, again with tepid water until all traces of the mask are gone. gently pat dry the skin.

The third step is optional. Try to find a mild toner, don’t use anything harsh at this point or we may as well have just used soap and skipped the moisture mask entirely! Apply a mild toner (I again recommend the Simple brand) as this is very gentle and contains no harsh additives or perfumes. Apply with cotton balls and use small circular motion without dragging the skin. Avoided the eye area entirely. Once the toner has dried on the skin we are ready for the next step.

Now for the pesky blemish itself! I take a small amount of tea tree oil (can be found in most health food stores) on a Q tip and apply directly to the pimple, I like to hold it there for about 30seconds. Tea tree oil is an incredible product and is 100% natural and plant based. It’s natures own antibacterial agent and works incredibly well. It’s one of the only essential oils that can be safely applied directly to the skin without a carrier oil. It also had an amazing clean, fresh scent that I find very reassuring!

Once you have applied the tea tree oil we are ready to moisturize. Now, most women don’t like to moisturize when they have breakouts as they think it will only irritate the issue further, not true. Moisturizing is an essential part of a woman’s daily routine and actually prevents future problems developing. Now, there are two ways I moisturize my face. One for daytime, and one for bedtime. Daytime moisturizers need to be less oily and sit well under a woman’s daily makeup. While bedtime moisturizers can be a little heavier or oilier without risk of our makeup sliding around, or our faces looking shiny! God forbid right? Anyway during the day I would recommend a light moisturizer with a minimum of spf15 in it. In the summertime I would triple that value, especially if you intend being out and about. Try to use one that doesn’t have a heavy scent, lotions are better than creams for daytime use as they tend to be lighter. I am currently using Simple brand daytime moisturizing lotion and find it perfect for my winter needs. At night I highly, emphasis on highly, recommend 100% pure coconut oil. This oil is the most underrated oil out there, however it is slowly catching on as more and more people read about it’s amazing benefits. From just a moisturizing point of view it’s magic in a jar! Delivering 100% coconut oil with antioxidants to boot! Very little is needed and it melts in the palm of your hand. I apply it to all areas of my face including the under eye, and brow areas. I would avoid the eyelids as we don’t want the product to enter the eye itself. This versatile oil is also very economical to buy. A standard jar from the health food store will cost around $15-$20, this will last you approximately a year! If you also use it for cooking it won’t last as long obviously. It’s delicious though and the coconut flavor bursts forth into anything sautéed in it! I would recommend reading up on the different types of coconut oil out there before buying. Coconut oil also has a mild antiseptic property and heals blemishes well. One of the only oils, aside from tea tree that I would allow onto a blemished area.

That’s my routine, using the mask maybe once a week. If you follow that routine you will find your breakouts decrease and your skin remains wonderfully soft and supple, even throughout the harsh winter months!

Here are some helpful links to the products I mentioned:




Good luck and let me know how this routine works if you try it!


My first Beauty Blog for the more mature women

Published January 22, 2014 by tracysmirror

Hi all!
If you are reading this then you know by the title that this is my first ever blog. This blog serves as my introduction into the WordPress world! I’m a 45 year old Nurse who as a hobby, finds beauty both fascinating and rewarding. My target audience will be women over the age of 40, as I truly believe there is a need for us ladies over 40 to be represented! I love watching makeup tutorials on YouTube but, aren’t you fed up of seeing an 18/21 year old female with flawless skin show you how to apply your daily makeup? It’s not realistic for the older woman, and to be honest not a confidence booster for us! My intention is to bring the world of beauty and it’s products to the more mature woman without the perfection that is often sought by the younger gurus. My makeup tutorials will be easy to master and will be realistic! Yes we do have fine lines,yes our eyelids aren’t as pert as they used to be, and yes we are human! I will endeavor to show you how to apply makeup to minimize the flaws that society states we have. I want to boost the average woman’s confidence so she can hold her head up high and feel more feminine. Getting older does not mean we have to lose our femininity! On the contrary, older women possess more poise, more finesse, and more life experience that the teeny boppers of today’s world. I will try to use products and tools that are affordable. I often see beauty gurus use designer brushes and designer makeup that isn’t within the budget of most women. Why teach with tools that are out of reach? Watch this space as Tracy’s Mirror comes to life in the next few weeks!